Damages Season 2 (summary)

I finally finished watching Damages season 2 yesterday, starring Glenn Close. Season 1 had been electrifying and probably the best US import of recent years (other than Mad Men) having been received by a rapturous, albeit niche, UK audience. It is an extremely plot-complex and highly charged US legal drama with Glenn Close assuming her Devil Wears Prada (type) role again, in this case as the ruthless Patty Hewes who heads up top NY law firm Hewes & Associates. I’d very much been looking forward to the new series.

Regrettably, and perhaps coming as no real surprise as this invariably happens when a one-off series decides to extend – season 2 fell rather short of the mark.

Where season 1 had been crazily complex but utterly compelling, season 2 stretched incredulity to breaking point. Also, as a bridge with season 1, Frobisher was back in it again and there were just too many sub stories and sub plots taking place at the same time. Just far too much going on. It lacked coherence and just seemed all over the place at times.

Review wise, I would have given season 1 about 9/10 but season 2 only gets 6.5/10. Probably not worth watching all 13 episodes unless you really are a die-hard fan (which I suppose I initially had been).

On a side note, I never did get into Mad Men season 2 (mainly because I couldn’t keep up and kept forgotting to record them). The second season that I am really enjoying, however, is Ashes to Ashes currently showing on Monday evenings on BBC1.

More about Damages on its official homepage.

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