Florence in pictures

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Larger pictures and larger slideshow available on my picasaweb page.

Most of the pictures taken with my old (but trusty) Nikon D50 (6 MP dSLR) with 10-20 mm ultrawide angle Sigma lens. Also my cheap (and I now think, somewhat crappy for these type of pictures) Casio compact.

Images had a bit of adjusting in Lightroom but not much.

6 thoughts on “Florence in pictures

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  1. Loved them too. Those Romans definitely liked their nudes ! Maybe sculpting the occasional toga used up too much marble

    Hopefully we’ll get to see a password protected post sometime with classic tourist type photos with you in them.

  2. Great photos – – and they bring back so many memories, even though it’s over forty years since I was there – – I was six, seven, or eight at the oldest (I had my sixth, seventh and eighth birthday all on holidays in Italy). I’m looking forward to my return visit!

  3. SB – glad you liked them! And can you do me a favour?? I’ve seen your covert pictures round Walmart and places like that, I’d be grateful if you could get some more of David. You’re not technically allowed to take any in there but the guards aren’t overly bothered (there is a ‘sweet spot’ behind the left hand pillar if you were looking up at David). I only got a few pics but wanted more.

    Daphne – thank you! Yes, it’s the kind of thing that would leave a strong impression on a child too I think. You will enjoy your return visit I’m sure of it!

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