The cult of David

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I’ve already blogged about seeing Michelangelo’s David for the first time and I’ve also mentioned that I bought a book from one of the museums in Florence which came out a couple of years ago to commemorate the 500th anniversary of this – the world’s most famous sculpture.

The book is called David: 500 Years, written by the curator of the Uffizi, Antonio Paolucci. The pictures in it are stunning and I’m really glad I bought it, especially as it’s not stocked by Amazon (UK).

Have I become obsessed with a 505 year old statue? Possibly. I’ve only just started reading the book but Michelangelo’s profound homosexuality is referenced in detail later on so that should make for interesting reading.

It is the expression on David’s face that is so haunting. Strong yet vulnerable. That and the sheer magnificence of the statue itself. You can read more about David on wikipedia.

I also bought a small print, a middle sized print and a poster.

A short video clip that I took in the Accademia in Florence where David resides.

5 thoughts on “The cult of David

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  1. Enrico – it’s a masterpiece. All over the body the attention to detail is breathtaking. Imagining that was once a solid piece of marble and that 500 years ago someone took a chisel to it and David came out – I find almost impossible to believe.

    SCM – yeh, is amazing. Also the tendons and muscles and eyelids. Such incredible skill. It just isn’t like other statues which seem very simple in comparison. Oh, the face does it for me!

  2. My friend who’s an artist says that sculpture is easier than oil painting as you just have to look at the thing and then replicate it marble or whatever, and that’s easier than getting paint to look three-dimensional. HAH! Actually, I know he meant it, and he can do it – – – but David has to be the absolute pinnacle of this skill.

  3. Daphne – hmm, that does surprise me. With oil you kind of think “well at least you can paint over it”, but with solid stone, that’s not possible! But yeh, re: 3D, that must be very hard to do with paint. And like you said, David just isn’t like any other statue I’ve seen. The detailing is jaw-dropping. That said, Michelangelo’s Pietà in St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, of Mary cradling Jesus, is desperately impressive also.

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