Food amnesty

I’ve put on quite a bit of weight. Probably 10 lbs or so in the last 6 months. That’s more than I’m comfortable with. No, I’m not huge, but I’m bigger than I want to be. Being slim has always been important to me.

So I’m having something of a food amnesty this month. In Italy I ate a lot. Gelato, big breakfast, lunch, big dinner; booze. All a bit excessive. I’ve always been like that with food – something of a big eater.

Unfortunately I’m not doing much exercise at the moment. My gym membership has finally lapsed after 2 and a bit years. Work a bit too busy for all that. I hate dieting. Much prefer losing weight through exercise as I’ve done in the past. But with my recent leg and foot injury, I can’t do too much at the moment.

I’m now about 12 stone (168 lbs). 6 months ago I was the slimmest I had been in almost a decade; 11 stone 4 lbs (158 lbs). That’s a rise of 10 lbs. Free lunches at work. Free biscuits, free soft drinks, free Green & Black chocolate in all the kitchens in our office. Free toast and butter in the morning. It’s no bloody wonder I began piling the weight on.

My new regime is simple and really quite good. No more buttered toast for breakfast. Instead I have a bowl of Kellog’s Fruit & Fibre. Lunch – generally a large salad. The salads are decent, not just limp lettuce leaves and celery. They’re full of pulses and tuna and vegetables and quite varied. Dinner was a packet of hula hoops (crisps) and a chopped apple. And I’m fine. Not saying I’m not hungry, but I eat just enough to hold hunger at bay.

At the weekend I let my hair down and eat normally. I want to go to my favourite fish & chip shop this weekend, for example.

This method has always worked for me in the past.

8 thoughts on “Food amnesty

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  1. I wish I had the discipline to stick to a plan like that. Unfortunately it seems that life just gets in the way of healthy eating and I may be screwed/forever fat! Good luck.

  2. Enrico – not one of my photos (found it online) but agreed, does look good. Thank you!

    Vic – oh the discipline doesn’t always last. I had a big lunch – macaroni cheese and kedgeree and salad.

  3. see, I have a hard time believing in cereal as a breakfast. For some reason, I suspect it is the most fattening item you could have on a breakfast table. But that’s just because I’m anti-carbs. I don’t know, I’m clueless about food lately.

  4. Lula – you love rich food but you love v.good quality food which is the most important thing; as does your idol – Nigella! 😀

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