You were young and beautiful once

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  1. Those 1970 productions of The Recruiting Officer and Chips with Everything got a VERY young Daphne hooked on theatre. I have those photos – – because Ian McKellen sent them to me. I wrote him a fan letter and he wrote to me occasionally for several years and I met him a few times and he was LOVELY to me. Hurrah for Sir Ian!

  2. Daphne – ohhh! That is a claim to fame! He’s a masterful actor, easily one of our greats. I’d quite like to see him in Waiting for Godot with Patrick Stewart which is on at the moment. Great that you’ve met him too!! I’ve not really met any one famous.

    Debby – well, he is pretty but you know he’s Gandalf now right?? 🙂 He has aged fairly well though I would say?

  3. No, sorry. I’m not good with actors names. I know who Gandalf is as I read Tolkien. I don’t watch the movies though. I checked a list of movies etc. he’s been in and the only one I’ve seen is ‘Stardust’. Ah well, don’t have to know him to appreciate the piccies!

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