A light lunch

I’m at home today due to a tube strike in London that’s scheduled to last 48 hours. I could technically get in, but it would be an arduous journey and I can just as easily do my job remotely.

Lunch is from the deli:


Toasted sandwich with ham, cheese and sliced tomato; delicious. Fat Italian olives on the side. Also a packet of Hula Hoops.

I always buy non-alcoholic drinks from there, namely Sanpellegrino of which I’m very fond of limonata, made from Sicilian lemons and nothing like that frothy sugary gunk known as 7up. They import all their soft drinks from Italy, as you might expect. Really lovely flavour.


I’ll treat myself to something sweet to have with tea later in the afternoon. In this instance, one of their almond tarts which I buy almost every time I’m there. Dark toasted almonds on top, quite pastry-like in the middle on a thin layer of jam. Delicious.


Good food (and drink!) is an antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life, I find.

3 thoughts on “A light lunch

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  1. Looks lovely. I had Beef Hula Hoops today. Saw them in the shop I called in on the way to some training I was due to attend. Was cancelled but no-one bothered to tell me or my colleagues. Bloody typical.

  2. Vic – yup, I’ll go shopping again tomorrow. Deli is only down the road 😛

    SCM – was lovely. Simple food is all I need. I’ve always been a fan of hula hoops though quite happy with ready salted. I also like french fries (crisps) ready salted. But, I don’t like Walkers ready salted. And my current FAVOURITE crisps are M&S crinkle cut low fat ready salted which are really, really good. A bit like McCoys but not so fattening. Annoying that your meeting was cancelled.

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