Thursday Thirteen

This is a meme that Birdie did on her blog and as I’m having a lacklustre Friday (aka struggling to apply myself to work) – here it is!

1. When was the last time you dreamt about someone you probably shouldn’t have?

Last night.

2. One of your main phobias?

Heights. Large crowds.

3. Last time you borrowed something from a friend or neighbour and what was it?

I borrowed a single Sherry glass from Sheridan not so long ago. Haven’t used it recently as the open bottle of Sherry lasted only a few nights.

4. What do you put on your toast?

Peanut butter, marmite or nutella.

5. Last time you swore?

This morning.

6. You have to watch a movie 3 times in a row. What would you pick?


7. Is there an author you would always buy a book from without even reading the synopsis?

JG Ballard, Pat Barker, Graham Greene, Donna Tartt.

8. One of your most expensive items of clothing?

Probably work suits. I got one half price in the sale down to £250 about 2 years ago. I think from Jaeger. I posted pictures of it on my last but one blog. Still my favourite (though I hardly ever have to wear suits in this job).

I spent £80 on a pair of Puma trainers in Rome last June which I have only worn once as I now consider them to be too tight .Very bad buy.

9. Last doctor’s visit?

Last year; we had an in-house GP at my last place (one of the only perks of that awful place). For my skin (I had an adult acne outbreak). She put me on antibiotics which worked a treat.

10. Favourite fruit?


11. Last time you listened to someone but thought ‘shut the fuck up!’ In your head…

Took a sales call this morning and the guy would not shut up. Really wound me up. Came close to putting the phone down on him. In my role, I get sold to all the time.

12. Bubble bath?

I have baths once in a blue moon. But yes, I’d rather use bubble bath than oil if I have one.

13. Last phone call made?

To my PA about 10 minutes ago, asking why a meeting had been cancelled 5 minutes before it was due to start and I’d moved my laptop into a big meeting room, hooking it to the projector, etc. Only to find it had been cancelled. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Consider yourself tagged.

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