Alone in London


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  1. Sven / Derek – hugs to you lovely guys too! ❤

    Actually it came out a bit melancholy and wasn't meant to be quite like that. I wanted to mashup something that was a kind of a cross between Sleepless in Seattle and Alone in Tokyo (from Lost in Translation). This city is SO huge, as you know. I have a fair number of friends here but many live 1.5 hours away in N and W London.

    In retrospect, I should have titled the main bit in the middle 'Alone in London'. As I'm not actually lonely. That said, I'd rather live with other people than on my own (have lived on my own the past 3 years or so). Has its upsides. But deep down I'm a people person and need to be with people quite a lot of the time.

    I do like Photoshop. Have been through phases of being really into it in the past. Haven’t used it for ages though. Is fun getting back into it though really struggle on my netbook. Doesn’t really have the power for it but itsok.

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