‘Absinthe Attended by Wormwood & Anise’

‘Into the Real’

‘Paper Valentine’


(via Krista Huot)

Love this artist’s work!

6 thoughts on “Moonseed

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  1. I STILL love the Moomins. Did you know Tove Jansson was gay and lived with her partner in an island on a lake every summer? She was Finnish but wrote in Swedish. My head is full of such information, no wonder it’s cluttered.

  2. Daphne – no, I didn’t know that! I haven’t seen any Moomins for years and years. Takes me back sooo many years remembering it.

    PS Yes, I’ve noticed you’re a treasure trove of minutiae! 😛

  3. Milo: this is too strange. Earlier, I look at websites in search of a Flennstedt mobile; then I end up in a shop right around the corner of my daughter’s school, which, yes, that’s right, sells MOOMINS! Aaaargh!

  4. Lula – ah, that is strange. Seems like we’re all fans of the Moomins! I hadn’t realised they dated from 1945. I assumed they were 70s/80s, but I guess that’s just when the cartoons started.

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