The unbearable lightness of being

A long day at work which wasn’t itself bad. Fairly productive.

Out for dinner with colleagues. So much dalliance over where we were going. Too much indecision.

You know when you have one of those “actually I think I’d rather just go home” moments? Well, I tried that (after we’d been to the first venue ‘for a drink’ prior to going elsewhere to eat) – and it went down like a lead balloon. I stood up to leave and said “look I’m going home” and tried to fob them off with a flimsy excuse. Didn’t go down well at all.

In the end I stayed, albeit grudgingly. I think it derailed the mood as it was quiet sombre after that and we wrapped up fairly early.

It’s just I had gone from feeling calm, to vexed, to seeing storm clouds massing on the horizon which is always a dangerous sign. That my mood can turn on a sixpence is disappointing; but there we go.

Was all OK in the end. Dinner was lacklustre though the white wine we were drinking was really top notch. Something French, the name of which I’d never heard of. But quite subliminal.

In other news, I’m seeing my Russian friend imminently. He’s asked me to name a date. Which I will do. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again. He’s left his wife so I guess he’ll fill me in on what’s been happening; sounds like it had been on the cards for a long time.

6 thoughts on “The unbearable lightness of being

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  1. Enrico – thank you! Is just a friendship but all new friendships are good and exciting.

    SCM – thank you! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday in southern Europe!

    Ryan – I totally don’t know what that means :S tragicomic or just cute?? Or were you talking about dinner? I like Tintin but can’t claim to have read many of the comics, alas!

  2. No, the friendship with the Russian. I don’t know why. I just imagined this unlikely pairing: the cultured, well-dressed young Brit and the Russian handyman.

    In your own words, “It’s not a natural friendship.” But it’s something I can see Tintin doing.

    Not tragicomic at all. It’s sweet.

  3. Ryan – yeh, I like unconventional things like that. We had a good time last night just chilling out and in the beer garden of the pub up the road. Sheridan hates pubs (and he’s the only local friend I have here in this big city) so it was a nice change to spend a Friday evening out locally in a nice place. Sooo much more relaxing than going out in central London on a Friday night.

    He insisted on paying for everything which was a bit bad (seeing as it’s fair to say I’m a lot better off than him) but was sweet and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Back to the flat (for wine in my case, tea in his) and he left around 11pm as was working today. All good.

    PS Ohh you are far too kind calling me a well-dressed young Brit! Am 33! Dire need of new clothes too. Is appreciated though! 😀

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