Waterzooi van vis

A convivial evening with family at a very fashionable Belgian bar/restaurant in Clerkenwell. Many moons ago I worked at The Guardian newspaper, so this part of town isn’t totally unknown to me though it’s been many years.

I had waterzooi van vis (Flemish fish stew) which I’ve never had before and which was utterly divine – and I know my divinity where food is concerned. This really was very good indeed (and was served with that dark coloured rye bread). Absolutely exquisite rich fishy broth in which were mussels, salmon, cod, prawns, potatoes, herbs, etc. Sooo good.

And it had been a while since I’d seen my brother. We met his half German, half Italian girlfriend of whom he’s evidently smitten. She was rather nice. She had that Germanic severity but mellowed by a spontaneous Latin spirit. Tall, blonde, confident, adorned with neck-scarf. Very fashionable. My mother was also on good form.

Deeply delicious food in a seriously trendy part of London that I rarely go to. My brother is very into those kinds of places whereas I, on the other hand, am not. But I don’t mind now and again.

Seeing my Russian friend this Friday evening. Hoping for conviviality.

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