It really really really could happen

I remember when this came out. I was a university student in the United States. Among other things, I wrote for the (daily) student newspaper. Readership: 50,000. Dwarfed the paltry thing I’d come from in the UK which was weekly and rather alternative (and which I had no interest in writing for).

I’ll always have a soft spot for Blur. Their music, along with that of Oasis, Suede, Supergrass, Elastica, Boo Radleys, and others, is the music of those formative university years.

I remember reviewing this album for the student newspaper. I moved in a rather clique set of British and European exchange students who were also huge Britpop fans. I remember giving it the full 5 stars.

The video itself I don’t particularly rate, though I really like the track (“The Universal”). Damon Albarn (lead singer) trying to look like something from A Clockwork Orange is a bit of a step too far. But the music is good.

I remember my exhange year in the US quite vividly. I did nearly 1.5 years in the end, due to how the semesters fell. I lived and worked in Boston in the summer, in Cambridge, Mass. I was 20 years old. They were happy days and I did love Boston and our flat in the rather rough neighbourhood of Roxbury. I remember American friends being somewhat shocked we lived there (I lived with 4 other British exchange students who also stayed on for the long summer to work). We had a wonderful time though their fondness for drugs, execessive alcohol and cigarettes wasn’t the most positive of influences.

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  1. SCM – yup, happy days! Seems a LONG time ago now.

    Ryan – hmm, you may have seen it if you saw any Glastonbury highlights as Blur did a set there and I think this was part of it. That whole album (The Great Escape) is wonderful.

  2. Hmm. Save for a handful of tracks, I was never a big fan of The Great Escape. Or even Parklife. I like the later Blur most, esp. Think Tank.

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