There were only two of us at pilates last night. Myself and the colleague whom it would not be entirely unjust to call ‘the ample one’.

It was exhausting as the teacher is very good and she really pushes you. Having only two people in the class means you get a lot of support. She said my suppleness has come on a long way in the past few months. A good thing as I really struggle with suppleness. I’ve put on nine f***ing pounds!! a bit of weight in the last 9 months but that’s for another post entirely.

So as well as the usual exercises – swan dives, downward dogs, reverse this that and the other, ‘rolling like a ball’, we finished with a seal (it’s a kind of cool down exercise). Though society might not rush to call me debonair – rolling around on a mat whilst clapping your feet together ‘like a seal’ does make you feel a little bit…  New Age I suppose.

Setup for The Seal:

  • Sit tall on your sit bones with your knees bent and toes pointed and touching the ground.
  • Dive your hands between your knees, reach around the outside of your ankles and place your fingers on the sides of your feet.
  • Brace by pushing your knees against your arms, and balance on your sit bones.
  • Keep your knees just outside the line of the shoulder.
  • Chin to chest, eyes on the belly, and scoop your abs.

Action for The Seal.

  • Inhale, clap your feet three times, (eyes on the belly!), roll to your upper back, & clap 3 times.
  • Exhale, scoop and return to the sit position, Clap 3 times.


The thing about pilates is that – irrespective of how esoteric the whole thing feels and sounds – it’s very good for you. I remember the morning after the first time I’d done it. I woke up with what I perceived to be “terrible stomach ache”. Only it wasn’t, it was terrible abs-ache because the abs work you do is so intense, you really feel it the next day.

Moobs, a muffin top or bingo wings? I recommend pilates.

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  1. Enrico – I remember you saying you go to yoga. I’ve not done it before. Wouldn’t mind trying it. You should try pilates if you can, too.

    SCM – oh I’m sure you could. It’s a lot easier than some of the other moves! 😛

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