Am cross with my neighbour this evening.

I’m ill. I went to bed at 10.30pm to read. I’m exhausted.

The flat next door is vacant, has been for a while. She’s having trouble letting it (is a 1 bed unlike mine which is 2 bed and a fair bit bigger). Owner hasn’t lived there in years, she rents it out.

The building is old and the walls are thick. But. My bedroom borders the bedroom of that flat. For most of the time I’ve lived here it’s been fine. But the last couple were awful. Whenever there was a bit of ‘how’s your father’ going on, I was often unfortunate enough to hear it. Because the woman moaned and grunted like a pig in sh*t. If that’s crude, well. Live with it. I had to. I don’t, generally speaking, like hearing people shagging (also happened when on holiday in Prague last year, lovely hotel, but God – the noise from the next door room). I’m not a massive fan of seeing people snogging in public either.

Anyway, I was going to call the police. Couldn’t reach neighbour on phone. Left long message along the lines of “well of course you WOULD HAVE TOLD ME had you let it, seeing as I have a spare key and keep an eye on it, which is why I’m assuming the worst…”. The noises stopped and whoever was there left.

A text came in not long after to say that, yes – it was now let. Sorry for not having told me, etc. Panic over.

A shame as I’d liked having that flat empty…

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  1. I have probably commented on this way too much already…. she sounds like a silly moo.

    I hate PDA as well – I find it pretty gross when people snog in public, ass grabbing, over excessive cuddling or anything like that I just think – you know what? GO HOME!!!!

    I also feel the same about people smoking and walking down the street, shops or whatever. Go and sit somewhere or better? GO HOME!!!!!

    But then I am grumpy.

  2. “the woman moaned and grunted like a pig in sh*t. If that’s crude, well. Live with it. I had to.”

    Hahahahah, that’s one of the funniest linez I’ve read in a longazz time. Kudos!

  3. And question time: why when I post on your blog does the icon show up as a little dancing creature instead of my normal bloggy icon?!

  4. Eww. Sounds gross. Reminds me of an episode of Sex and the City when Samantha hears moaning through the wall. Of course, she heads next door and tries to join them…

  5. Not long ago, I saw a young Asian couple (approx. 20 years of age) practically humping in the line-up at a fast food place. In front of her mother, no less, who was standing nearby and didn’t seem to care. Disgusting. No class. I shot them a “are you fucking kidding me?” look, rolled my eyes, and shook my head a bit as if to say “unbelievable.” They got the point.

    I’m fortunate that my building is entirely concrete and I don’t hear a thing from anywhere. Of course, the unit next to mine is empty too – I’m sure that helps.

  6. MrsBN – glad I’m not the only one! How are you feeling after all that vodka??

    Josh – hehe. The weirdest thing was, in the nearly 1 year they lived next door, I saw the bloke quite a few times but NEVER saw the woman. Really bizarre. You have to upload your avatar at and then it should show properly.

    Enrico – LOL! I used to quite like SATC.

    Ryan – gross. Good for you for giving them the evil eye, I would have done the same. You are lucky your building is more sound-proofed. I think there was once a fireplace that connected both sides (it’s quite an old building, though purpose built for flats) and since removing the fireplaces the wall isn’t as solid in that part as it would otherwise have been, if that makes sense.

    Jen – oh that is annoying, especially if you can hear it at night!

  7. Broom handle right next to your bedroom wall – every time they start at it, make your protests known. You could also highly embarrass them by going round the next morning and asking them to keep it down!

  8. Vic – LOL, good tactic! I’d be too embarrassed to do it though I think! Ironic as they’re the ones who should be embarrassed! Ah well, they’ve moved out now. Still seen nowt of the new person.

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