Suspected swine flu

Sore throat, groggy, generally feeling vey ‘bleurghhhhhhh’. Came on last night and, no, it’s not alcohol related. It may not be swine flu. I may just be completely run down (had ridiculously busy week).

But I just feel distinctly under the weather. Plus, a number of people at work have it and it’s eveywhere by all accounts. I travel by packed train and tube so am in contact with lord only knows how many germs on a daily basis.

I don’t feel ‘at death’s door’ so maybe I don’t have it. I guess I’ll see as the day pans out. Don’t like it, whatever it is.

Don’t like feeling ill and I very rarely get ill.

For UK residents with suspected swine flu, go here or go to the symptoms checker here.

9 thoughts on “Suspected swine flu

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  1. Jen – thanks! I feel better now that I did last night or this morning. Definitely have a cold if nothing else though!

    Enrico – me too! Touch wood I’m now thinking it probably isn’t.

  2. Daphne – thanks, I don’t think it is. It’s a summer cold but is accompanied by me feeling exhausted. But I don’t have the aches or a temperature (yet!!!)

  3. I didn’t get the temp until the 4th day – but then I like to buck the trend 🙂

    I never felt like I was massively ill but I know I wasn’t right…. just major major sore throat which I found intensely painful. Very unlike me I took back to back painkillers for 4 days – normally? I grin and bear stuff like sore throats and prefer to have hot drinks etc. but just couldn’t take it. I was taking DHC and paracetamol like it was going out of fashion.

    Hope you feel better x

  4. Mrs BN – I feel a lot worse today than I did Fri night or yesterday. I’m also popping paracetamol like it’s going out of fashion!

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