The horror, the horror

Zdzisław Beksiński (24 February 1929 – 21 February 2005) was a renowned Polish painter, photographer, and sculptor who is best known as a fantasy artist. Beksiński executed his paintings and drawings either in what he called a ‘Baroque’ or a ‘Gothic’ manner. The first style is dominated by representation, with the best-known examples coming from his ‘fantastic realism’ period when he painted disturbing images of a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment. The second style is more abstract, being dominated by form, and is typified by Beksiński’s later paintings. Beksiński was murdered in 2005.

(Source: Wikipedia)

His art is very powerful. It speaks of post-apocalyptic dystopia and especially resonates for people with an interest in fantasy and science fiction – like myself. His work reminds me of, among other things, Salvador Dali, the director Ridley Scott (I’m thinking of Alien, of course), of author Raymond E Feist’s Magician, and of author David Gemmell, among others. In contemporary times this kind of ‘dark art’ finds its natural home in the online fantasy worlds of games such as Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online (all 3 of which I’ve been addicted to at one time or other!) and a whole load of others.

Sadly, he was murdered in 2005. More about him on Wikipedia and more of his art here.

Other artists I like:

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  1. I love the others you list – – Jenny Saville, yes, I’d expect that from these paintings – – but Beryl Cook – – hilarious! Given the choice of which to put on my wall I think I’d be going for Beryl Cook as they’re rather more cheery.

  2. Daphne – agree with you re: Beryl Cook being the ones I’d want on the wall. That said, I’d be partial to some of the de Lempicka ones too. Definitely would not want the Jenny Saville but a couple I know who live up the road have a poster of one of her pictures hanging in their smaller living room…

  3. Josh – ohhhh, you are right! Uncanny resemblance! Must have been inspired by the Polish artist I would have thought.

    PS You need to include your own URL info in comment! At least avatar is showing now. 3rd time lucky? 😛

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