Medicine man

I spoke to the doctor this morning. Having called the surgery just after 8am, they finally called me back around 11am I think.

They diagnose by phone. They won’t be able to confirm if it’s swine flu unless they swab and they now only do that in high risk cases: elderly, pregnant women, children, those with underlying conditions.

It’s aggressive whatever it is. I rally for hours and feel considerably better – then go right downhill again. I can feel my head is hot again and I’m quite weak, mostly through lack of eating (no appetite).

I was offered Tamiflu but the doctor asked me to bear in mind that they’ve noticed ‘increasing’ numbers of people experiencing side effects – namely vomiting and skin rashes. Neither of those appeal. At best, Tamiflu can apparently (the doc said) ease the final 24 hours of symptoms. So I’ve decided not to take it and to stick with paracetamol.

Sheridan has been great. He came round this evening with 2 big Sainsbury’s bags of shopping. Stuff I’d asked for and stuff he knows I need to be eating! Fruit, juice, bacon, milk, soup, sweets, chocolate, etc. Also more drugs – Lockets, Night Nurse, tissues etc. He said to me this evening (he wouldn’t cross the threshold as is understandably nervous about getting it) that I look a lot worse than yesterday.

I don’t know if I feel worse. Just more sapped of energy. I’ve eaten so little in the past 3 days though I’m trying.

I did manage to sleep for a couple of hours this afternoon but felt really groggy and horrid when I woke up.

I’m not at ‘death’s door’ but this is definitely the most ill I’ve been in as long as I can remember. I usually get say, one cold a year, and maybe one cough, but never flu. That happens to other people! Only, not this time.

Hoping I’ll have a decent night’s sleep (haven’t the last two nights) and will feel better tomorrow. The cough I have now racks my whole body which doesn’t help.

Symptoms began on Friday evening so I’m about 3 days in now. Not sure how long it’s going to last.

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  1. Are you sure you should be eating bacon if it might be swine flu? Wouldn’t want to turn cannibal accidentally! It sounds horrendous, so hope you recover soon!

  2. You’re lucky you have a good friend to bring you food/drugs! I hope this isn’t too serious and you’re back on your feet soon. You with no appetite seems so strange! lol! 😀

  3. You know, this really DOES sound like swine flu. The symptoms coming and going, feeling better for a few hours at a time, etc. Jives with everything I’ve read.

    Ride it out! You can do it!

  4. Richard – ugh, I hadn’t thought of it like that! That’s really putting me off the thought of having any bacon now! :S

    Daphne – yeh, he’s been great. I feel a bit better now though felt grotty when I woke up. The ‘cetamol, for all its lowly common garden properties, does help.

    Mancais – indeed they do! He has his uses, hehe.

    Enrico – LOL, too true! So unlike me to be off my food. I’ve eaten so little over the past 3 days it’s quite shocking.

    Ryan – yeh, though I think the symptoms are consistent with standard flu. There is so much media attention around swine flu but I think its key feature is how infectious it is. As a condition, it’s not any worse/better (some say it’s less bad) than regular flu. Without the swab I’ll never know though I think it probably is.

    Vic – hehe. Last night I felt really crappy. Managed 1 cup of soup then ate half a packet of Haribo.

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