The sleep of the damned


(via skinny ships)

I popped two green & white capsules last night as I went to bed at 10pm. Night Nurse. First time I’d taken it funnily enough (like I said, I do not get ill from one year to the next).

10 hours later I awoke from an uninterrupted sleep. Felt like a zombie but two hours later, I’m feeling marginally better.

This condition is so up and down. I actually feel half human now but if yesterday is anything to go by, I’ll go downhill again later. Also, the 2 paracetamol I took at 9am are probably kicking in which explains why things aren’t so bad.

It could be worse! My work interviews are being cancelled. Other than those I had quite a quiet week, so on the work front it’s not a disaster. Plus, others at work have it.

Hoping the worst is over.

A very comprehensive Q&A about swine flu here.

4 thoughts on “The sleep of the damned

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  1. I’m a big fan of Night Nurse when you’re really feeling ill because it really does help you sleep. No good if you need to be alert the next morning though!

  2. Vic – certainly not me! Was already present in the office before I got it! 😛

    Daphne – it certainly does the job. Knocks you out good and proper.

    Birdie – never thought about it like that before! I quite like the name, is quaint.

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