Swine flu badge for your website

As this came up in a twitter conversation last night and as so many of us who tweet have blogs (and lots of us either have had or currently have swine flu), I thought I’d follow through by making some badges (note: I didn’t take the picture of the pig or draw the cartoon, found those online! I just mocked up the badge in photoshop)

We have two for sufferers:

swine-flu-badge-1 swine-flu-badge-4

Two for avoiders:

swine-flu-badge-2 swine-flu-badge-5

And two for survivors:

swine-flu-badge-3 swine-flu-badge-6

Enjoy! And get well soon to those of you who still have it (I’m not out of the woods myself though do feel a lot lot better). Still off work though.

PS If you want a ‘personalised one’ (you tricky thing!) let me know as I might be able to oblige.

12 thoughts on “Swine flu badge for your website

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  1. While in photoshop anyway, can’t you alter the mouth to reflect the different msgs ?! V cute though and glad you’re feeling better and can be classed as a survivor 😉

  2. Got mine! Happy to say I’m still swine flu free – although how long that’ll last I don’t know. All this talk of it on twitter is bound to make me sick. lol

  3. SB – ohh, didn’t think about that! May have another play around with it. Be careful when in London tomorrow because it’s rife down here.

    Vic – like it!! Hoping for your sake that badge doesn’t change any time soon!!!

  4. I like the cartoon one! So cute.
    I also tend to like pigs in general; they’re one of my favorite animals.
    Has this experience at all altered your feelings toward pigs?

  5. Daphne – have a good time in London tomorrow and fingers Xd for SB. Am sure all will be fine. I don’t think you’re tubing it tomorrow so can hopefully avoid the piggy flu carrying commuter hordes.

    Enrico – yeh, cute isn’t it! I also like pigs a lot, always did. They are clever animals and a lot cleaner than people think. As a child we took many holidays to Wales to visit my grandmother (she was a farmer, quite old school), and so I have many memories of farmyard animals. Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, sheep dogs. Wales is beautiful – very rugged, so lots of natural wildlife too. Sigh. Oh, in answer to your question, I don’t think it’s altered my attitude to pigs as I think the ‘swine’ in ‘swine flu’ is misleading and misses the point. It’s a virulent highly infectious flu is how I now see it.

  6. Thanks for the badge! Still swine-flu free, at least until September, I think. We may cross the pond your way, but I’m afraid to say that I won’t even come anywhere near Londinium.

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