Where angels fear to tread

I’ve had some downtime so have done some photo editing. I was in Florence in May. Took a fair few pics (most of which I’ve posted). My composition is rarely very original but I do quite enjoy the PP stage (post processing).

You can see larger versions if you click on the picture (which takes you to the flickr page) and then choose ‘all sizes’.

A bust, I forget which museum. I don’t think it’s a Michelangelo.

A church in a square, the names for both of which temporarily escape me.

The Duomo. Have gone for quite a contrasty B&W conversion on this.

Church and square. I quite like Ansel Adams-esque black skies (in film days you’d achieve this with red filters).

Church interior. These frescoes on the wall are very old, 500 years or so.

4 thoughts on “Where angels fear to tread

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  1. You take some lovely pictures. I enjoy contrasty B&W. I grew up processing my own B&W for display: 16×20, 11×15, etc. Fell in love with contrast for detail. Hate flat photos as they lack depth.Of course, must be careful of details – which is why I enjoyed processing my photos – control!

    Italy – what a wonderful adventure!!

  2. Mancais – thanks. They looked fairly flat out of the camera but I spent some time giving them some oomph.

    Tawandah – cool! Shame you don’t blog, you should show them online. Love B&W.

    Paul – thank you!

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