Decent session at pilates today, 5 of us and our private instructor who is very, very good.

We did many of the usual positions – most of which are tough. We did a rollover move similar to this:

I can get my legs up in the air but can’t (yet) do the scissor movement as I start to lose balance. Also, the move we do is not quite like the picture – you prop your hips up with your hands. Some of the people in the class can’t do this move and they’re encouraged to do it against the wall which is easier.

We ended on the pigeon which I find hard. It’s like this:

I’ve been doing pilates for 8 or so months now and really feel like I’ve improved and come on a long way. It was very hard to begin with. To be fair it still is. But now that I know how to breathe and because the instructor is very good – it’s become easier.

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  1. UV – I don’t think any of it’s easy, just got ‘less hard’ is how I should have phrased it! Is good for you though, you should try it! Most of the moves are easier to get into than that one. Not done Tai Chi before!

    Vic – yeh, silly name isn’t it??

    Mancais – pigeon looks easier than it is. Also, women find it easier than men (as they are more supple). It’s a glut stretch or something and you really feel it when you do it! Yeh, I regularly start to topple on the top move.

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