Don’t look down

I blogged very recently about a fear of heights. The tallest building in the US – the Sears Tower in Chicago – has just installed a Skydeck which consists of solid glass boxes that extend outward from its 103rd floor. You can walk out onto them and look down through solid glass to ground level 1,353 feet below.

One word: terrifying.

And no, I could not step out onto them. The thought of being 103 floors above the ground with nothing more than glass beneath my feet is too much.

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  1. Wish it had been there when I visited as I might have taken better photos. In my case I’m pretty terrified at just a few feet above ground – as in up a ladder but as the Willis Tower (new name for the Sears Tower) observation deck is 1353ft above ground I’m just fine !

    Maybe I assume I’ll be dead from fright long before my body hits the ground.

    As the old saying goes, I’m not scared of falling but I am scared of hitting the ground !

  2. Yeah…fuck dat shiz. There’s no way in hell that I would put my stinking nalgaz out into that airborne glass chamber of death. I work on the 16th floor of an office building in Brooklyn, and I can’t look out da window without bugging-a-boo.

  3. I’d do it! I love heights. When they’re safe. I’d be scared – – but oh yes, I’d do it.
    (I wouldn’t do the narrow potholes though, if anyone asks).

  4. SB – I think pre 9/11 I wasn’t so worried about tall buildings. Ever since then I just can’t face them. I know it’s irrational.

    Vic – you and me both sister!

    Josh – 16 floors is still pretty high! Imagine if that was 86 though!

    Enrico – you are braver than me!

    Daphne – I couldn’t do it. I think I would have a panic attack if I did.

  5. Debby – you should if you’re in the vicinity. Take your camera!

    Sven – I’ve been up the Empire State Building, that’s worth doing. Is not so high, I can’t remember how many storeys. Is a fun trip though. You’re kind of in a cage at the top (IIRC) so I wasn’t too bad.

    Jen – yeh, gives me rising nausea and racing pulse, too.

    Mancais – rather you than me.

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