Going ‘Up West’

When I was younger I’d refer to going into London’s West End as “going up west”. This faux working class phrase was picked up from Eastenders (in the days I watched it). Eastenders is set in east London so for the locals – going shopping or taking in a show in the West End was described as ‘going up west’.

Came across these photos of London which I like as they’re a bit different. The street photographer has snapped unlikely juxtapositions of people and their London surroundings.

Liverpool Street

Oxford Street

Bayswater Underground

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Hyde Park

Covent Garden

New Bond Street


(all photos via Matt Stuart Photography)

6 thoughts on “Going ‘Up West’

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  1. My father grew up in Chiswick, which is west of the West End, and still refers to the West End as going up west! Always makes me chuckle.

    Great pics.

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