I’ve been robbed

My bag was stolen from a London pub this evening.

I was an idiot. It was hanging from the back of a chair that was at the end of a table. The bag is black, inconspicuous, easy to swipe without anyone noticing. I even thought when I put it over the edge of the chair that it was slightly vulnerable. A fleeting thought for a fraction of a second. But I’m out with 10+ colleagues. How could it go without anyone noticing?

But it did go. And how on earth the person took it I really don’t know. One minute it was there. The next minute it was gone. It literally happened right under our eyes. I should have known better. This kind of thing is endemic in London’s West End, where I work.

My house keys, my swipe card to enter my workplace, both phones (personal mobile and work PDA), book I’m currently reading and a magazine were all in the bag. As was an 8 GB memory stick I use to transport files (my netbook, which I’m typing this on, has no disk drive).

It could have been so much worse. I often keep both my wallet and my travel card in my bag as I don’t much like having them in my jeans pockets.

The travelcard, an annual London zones 1-3 travelcard, is worth £1,200. My wallet contained my very newly replaced driving license (I’d misplaced the last one having removed it for safe keeping ahead a of trip to Africa last year).

So it could have been a lot worse. Had my wallet and travelcard been stolen I would be absolutely incandescent. Instead, I’m pissed off, but I’ll get over it.

I need to get the locks changed as a precaution. I don’t remember if there was any personally identifiable address information in the bag or not. I’m minded to think not. But I can’t really take the risk.

Often my bag – a fairly old thing bought from Banana Republic on 5th Avenue in New York in 2002 – carries a lot of crap. But those with memories for minutiae may remember that a milk carton burst in my bag a few weeks ago (killing my old personal mobile phone though thankfully the SIM survived) and, before washing the bag, I removed a huge amount of paperwork, pay slips, etc, that  had built up in the side pocket. And I’m glad I did.

What I am most pissed off about losing is 10 years of unbackedup telephone numbers for friends and family far and wide. That will teach me! The memory stick was encrypted so nothing much lost there (it had photos from my Wales trip many months ago as well as a copy of Photoshop Portable on it). So no big loss.

Crime! You always think it happens to other people but it invariably happens to you too in the end.

10 thoughts on “I’ve been robbed

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  1. Sorry to hear that. You have a good half full attitude towards it though. I would get the locks changed as a precaution too though.
    Hope you get the phones replaced ok.
    Someone has just earned some bad karma!

  2. I hate when things are done to me in the end.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    Very sorry to hear of the theft and all the hassle that comes along with it. I’m with mum, that bad karma will be sent to that person in full force!

  3. I know I don’t always take enough care with my bag, probably because I regard it as part of my body! A salutary reminder – and thank goodness that you’d emptied the bag recently, have a pretty good idea what was in it, and that your wallet and travel card were not in it. So, as you say, could have been worse – – but really, bad enough.

  4. Life’s a bitch and opportunistic thieves doubly so. I’m glad you haven’t lost anything that couldn’t be replaced without too much trouble.

  5. That’s terrible! Sorry to hear. I’ve been very lucky over the years not to have been a victim of such a crime, but I’m sure my time is coming.

  6. You’ve propted me into having a proper look for a new bag this weekend. I’ve been using a small one that holds a lot for ages but the zip broke and strap was about to break so I’ve been using a bigger bag I picked up in Spain a couple of years ago. Problem is that it only has one buckle to fasten it and I keep leaving it unfastened and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  7. Birdie – yup, on this occasion am keeping a glass half full attitude! Locks were changed yesterday.

    Craig – yeh, bad karma is coming there way I hope. Really wretched thing to do to steal from individuals. Shoplifting I would hardly condone, but it’s not as bad as stealing from people.

    Mike – yup. Having no phone is annoying but that’s in the process of being sorted. I will miss my I LOVE NY keyring which had my house keys on which I bought in NYC in 2002.

    Ryan – I had been fairly lucky up until now. I had a bank card cloned a few years ago and they managed to spend £1000 on it. I had to file with the police but it was all sorted in the end.

    Mancais – sounds like a good idea! I now need a new work bag myself!

    Vic – yup, they’re very opportunistic.

  8. Enrico – yeh, I am still annoyed and I still haven’t had either phone replaced so I feel somewhat cut off from things. Both should be sorted soon. That said, I did get the locks changed.

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