Unpublished: Man about town

This blog entry was written on 21 December 2008 and for whatever reason, was never published.

Picture: Aquascutum, London (autumn/winter collection 2008)

Strangely, I miss wearing a suit to work. For the past 8 years I’ve worn a suit practically every day. Fridays were invariably a kind of dress down.

I enjoy wearing suits; I think I have the right build for them (tall, slim). Also, it’s like a uniform which means you have to do very little thinking in the morning. I have four or so good quality suits that I’d rotate.

My favourite is still the Jaeger one, a suit which long term readers of this blog (and its previous iterations) may remember my buying in the sale a couple of years ago.

In an earlier blog post I derided conspicuous consumption. And I still do. But really good quality clothes that will last a generation I’m all for spending money on. I still have jeans bought in Japan 10 years ago that I wear regularly (is good to know my shape hasn’t changed so much in that time, too). I just don’t believe in buying stuff for the sake of it, cos it’s the latest and greatest, and then throwing lots of other stuff away. It’s the wrong attitude. I also still wear shoes bought 7 or so years ago. For me, shoes are still one of the trickiest things to buy.

Anyway. I’m in something of a dilemma because I cannot wear a suit in my current job. Would look totally odd and not sit right at all. We pride ourselves on not being ‘corporate’, but instead quite funky, arty, innovative, cutting edge, etc. This gives me huge license in terms of what I can wear to work. I really could wear jeans every day if I so choose. I can go trendy, smart casual, or office dress down. But I’ve yet to find a style that I really like.

The easy option is the semi-dress down which means non suit (fitted) trousers, a shirt and V-neck pullover. This looks very preppy but is fairly dull, especially as the pullovers and trousers are both dark; it leaves little room for self expression.

I do love wearing jeans to work. It’s liberating. So I need to focus on some decent knitwear I think. I have loads of jeans of all colours and they’re all fine, I just need some decent tops now. I also have more than enough shirts and I imagine in summer it might be easier as shirt and jeans are a decent combo in my opinion and I won’t be having to be faff with tops.

My dress sense has always veered in the direction of preppy over trendy. I’m more likely to be seen with a thick woollen jumper thrown over my shoulders than some sweat top with a hood on it. I also don’t tend to wear trainers (pumps) that often, and if I do – they’re something fashionable (heaven forbid ‘white sneakers’, which I would only wear on the treadmill).

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