Dinner at Sophie’s

A busy day at work.

I was minded to have another day sans alcohol. Alas, it wasn’t to be. Coerced by my two closest male friends at work – we went for something of a boys’ night out as none of the ‘usual suspects’ of the female persuasion could join us.

An enjoyable evening. The West End was packed. Our office is in the beating heart of London’s West End and all the dinner joints were packed to the rafters.

We tried 2 or 3 places, all of which had queues for food, before finally settling for a steak house on Wellington Street.

Dinner at Sophie’s is fairly cheap and cheerful. A convivial West End steakhouse that’s on the large side. I had the ‘black Angus burger’ which was rather scrummy. I’m fairly fussy when it comes to beefburgers but this did cut the mustard. My colleagues were on Italian beer; I stuck to red wine.

I really, really like the colleagues I have in this job. I’m so lucky. Such decent people.

Wasn’t an over long evening as all three of us had had a long day. I decided to walk to the station. So I walked along the Strand, through thronged theatre-land and then down into Westminster. I walked past the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office, 10 Downing Street, the Ministry of Defence. A humid, balmy rather sultry evening in London. Wet with drizzle. A warm, moist evening. I will remember this summer for how humid it’s been.

I’d taken a complimentary umbrella from Sophie’s but only used it in short spurts as there was a rather strong wind blowing.

I walked past the Palace of Westminster and then past Westminster Abbey. I like this part of town. Old school. A third of the world was once ruled over from the buildings in this part of the city. I think I might have liked being a (fast track) civil servant, had things been different. I had always wanted to serve, you see.

Back home and seeing as I’m no longer on the wagon, I’m all for pouring gin & tonics and adoring them. Which I’m duly doing.

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  1. There’s something special about Westminster, isn’t there? By the way, congrats on the redesign, and of course homage to the lady designer, Mrs Hen herself.

  2. Tawandah – rains a fair bit here though not AS much as people sometimes think. That said, I think it’s rained quite a lot over the past 12 months. 39c heat eh??! Summer is practially over here. Big and noticeable drop in temperature now. Days are low 20s, evenings down to about 12c or so. Autumn is literally just round the corner.

  3. Sounds yummy. Had a nosey at the website and saw the deliciousness of Chateaubriand. Happy memories.
    Did the brolly tell you how well you’re looking and other nice hings?
    Temperatures are definitely dropping up here. Had to get my blanket out for lying on the sofa.

  4. Mancais – it’s a pretty decent venue as central London goes I think.

    I didn’t get the brolly reference! :S

    Yeh, S says this is the last day of summer… is all downhill from here. Hmm, hopefully the forecasters will be proven totally wrong (as usual) and we’ll get an Indian summer instead.

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