Fooling around

“Edward VIII of England (Then prince of Wales) with his cousin Lord v Louis Mountbatten
(assassinated by the IRA in late 1970s ). Early 1920s.”

(via rockabillyvixen)

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  1. I thought that Mountbatten was related to Prince Philip,the Duke of Edinburgh?If the Duke of Windsor and Mountbatten were related,then the Queen is her husband’s cousin twice removed.Is that not Incest?.

  2. Lord Mountbatten was Prince Philip’s uncle. The Queen and the Duke are both third cousins and second cousins once removed. That’s nothing: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were first cousins. It’s still quite legal!

  3. Charley – I don’t know my history on these.

    Jonathan – thanks for the info.

    Tawandah – that’s taken care of in my next post. There has been oodles of fooling around, my dear 😛

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