The remains of the day

As far as I’m concerned, Bank Holiday Monday earlier this week marked the end of summer. The day commenced both cloudy and drab – but it finally turned into a beautiful late summer’s day. Dark blue skies, no humidity, a bit of a breeze. I sat in S’s garden for most of the afternoon and enjoyed it, just reading a book.

As well as lunch, we had dinner al fresco. He did steak. I made home-made potato wedges that were a welcome change. I think we had steamed whole carrots (I insist on eating them this way having read an article on the BBC website about the associated health benefits). We drank water (he drinks more water than any other friend I have – keeping 3 chilled bottles in the fridge at any one time). I don’t think we had pudding.

On Tuesday the weather was pretty awful. Big deterioration. Heavy cloud if I recall correctly. Yesterday it was squally and we had a lot of rain in the evening.

Summer is over. The humidity – which for me has been synonymous with this summer – has gone. People are starting to wear coats. Trench-coats seem especially popular this season. I’m already seeing scarves being worn.

Today I wore my light, black mac. I’ve not yet reverted to the drawer of v-neck cashmere jumpers that I wear throughout most of the cold period (which in this country is 8-9 months of the year). But it’s only a matter of time.

Summer this year was an anti-climax and the papers told us as much. The British public were especially peeved by the Met Office who had told us in early spring that we were ‘odds on’ for a great summer. Only, the odds weren’t in our favour. We had two pristine weeks in June (which, amazingly, coincided with Wimbledon). July was really pretty crap overall. Very humid. Mostly cloudy.  A fair bit of rain. Limited sun. The jet-stream had, very annoyingly, moved directly over the UK and seriously inclement weather became the consequence.

August has been marginally better but not by much. Southern Europe has experienced a heatwave but that, unsurprisingly, has missed us. I am hoping for decent weather when I’m in France in a fortnight.

But it’s now autumn and this is my favourite season. I’ve experienced a ‘fall’ in New England and also one in Japan and in both countries it was sublime. Incredible foliage, obsidian blue skies, leaves on the ground, that cool, crisp, clear air that can and only ever will be autumn. I love it. And I like the clothes and colours of autumn. I like maroons and browns and greens especially. I like old cords and light to medium jackets. I like scarves although only when the wind is up. I love the cool but not yet ‘cold’ breeze and seeing flurries of leaves.

Glad it’s autumn and hoping it will be a good one.

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  1. There was a summer?! The bank holiday certainly feels like the end of summer – very gloomy weather up here, the people I try calling are actually in there offices as opposed to away on holiday.

    Up here, I’m sure the ‘cold period’ is 12 months a year, but I can’t stand the heat; call me perverse!

  2. I love autumn too. Right now here it is still shorts weather – it was 92 degrees today…but I love it when the leaves start to change etc. To me, it should start when the kids go back to school etc….but it always seems so much later here. Still a Brit weather wise at heart I guess!

  3. I think I vaguely remember summer being around for a few days back in June. It’s been pretty miserable otherwise. I’ve dragged out a very lightweight mac and keep a cardi at my desk (but that’s mainly to battle against the aircon) but you can tell that soon it’s gonna be thick jumpers again.

  4. Aside from terrible snow stormz that cause my car to careen out of control and bowl into people, I do enjoy the colder monthz quite a bit. Autumn and Spring are my favo seasonz…not too cold, not too hot. JUST RIGHT. Plus, the autumn is very pumpkins are in season and I can eat a thousand pieces of pumpakin pie a day. Hurray!

  5. I like the fall and winter! And spring is nice too. Only summer is terrible!
    I wore a hoodie the other day and it made me realize that summer was coming to an end. Hurray!

  6. I very nearly put the central heating on last weekend but refused myself. It’s supposed to be summer still.
    Very wet and windy all week up here.
    I like the dark evenings when I can close the curtains and shut the world outside then snuggle up on the sofa with TLP.

  7. Richard – yeh, up north I imagine it does feel like 12 cold months! We’ve had some fairly hot weather down here now and again but when I see the weather forecast it’s noticeably hotter down here, which I guess is how it’s always been. Makes you appreciate your overseas holidays more though!

    Birdy – I think 92 is high 20s in Celsius which sounds pretty good.

    Vic – yeh, other than June it’s not been great. Over-zealous a/c is the worst!

    Josh – pumpkins aren’t big here for some reason. I like the cold seasons cos I like big coats and suchlike.

    Enrico – a hoodie eh! I have a couple of those. I like wrapping up in winter so I won’t be complaining too much. We had snow last winter which is quite a novelty here as it settled too.

    Mancais – ah, the central heating. Yeh, I always put it off as late as humanly possible. I’m guessing when I’m back from hol (last week of Sept) it’ll probably be needing to come on.

  8. And yet it was lovely and sunny and warm today, so maybe it’s not over just yet. Mind you, it’s rained every day since I started my job, till today.

    Early Autumn when the leaves are turning is definitely my favourite season too.

  9. And yet it was lovely and sunny and warm today, so maybe it’s not over just yet. Mind you, it’s rained every day since I started my job, till today.

    Early Autumn when the leaves are turning is definitely my favourite season too.

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