Meeting up with Sven

This evening I met up with Sven. I’ve known Sven pushing 2 years via my blog (we first started blogging one another 2 blogs ago in my case and 1 blog ago in his case).

An enjoyable evening. Sven is tall and slim. Unnervingly he looked very like my brother, only fairer, which gave me a shock. He’d been shopping. I’d been at work. I took him to my favourite wine bar in Belgravia. Unfortunately, the waiter I’ve long had a soft-spot for was not on duty, so I wasn’t able to point him out.

But we had a good time.

Two bottles of prosecco (lovely), roasted whole head of garlic, chunky chips with mayo and also deep fried whitebait made up the food.

Among other things we talked about:- work, living abroad, men, shopping, books, writing, food, weight, men, relationships. The strange thing about meeting someone ‘in the flesh’ that you’ve blogged and tweeted for pushing two years is that you have masses of context and already know a lot about them. It’s not as strange as you might think. Hard to describe until you’ve done it.

Of course there are a number of other ‘dearly beloved’ I still need to hook up with, that I’ve known for 2+ years through blogging. This list includes, but is not limited to: Vic, Lula, Ryan, Craig, Daphne and SB.

Photos were taken (on our behalf by people at the next table!) but they’re on Sven’s camera so we won’t have them until he has had a chance to upload them. I did try on my PDA but it didn’t work.

Good times.

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  1. Glad you got to meet up – look forward to seeing his photos.
    I know exactly what you mean from when I met up with Jen in the summer. Seemed so natural in a way as although it was the first time we’d met properly, there was very little explanation needed about things as we knew so much about each others’ lives. And we had a fabulous time.

  2. I’m surprised he still wanted to talk to you after a whole head of garlic! lol
    Will have to get round to meeting up seeing as we only live round the corner – perhaps we can still persuade Lula to take her trip over here.

  3. I had a great time! Next time I’ll make sure I don’t have to run off so early. As for the garlic – we both ate it: I’m sure I was a delight on the way home but at least neither of us could smell the other!

  4. Enrico – with luck I will get to the NYC office when they lift the travel ban at work (which they brought about due to economic downturn / cost saving). I did get to Germany but that was a relatively cheap trip and that office paid as they really needed me to go over there to help them. Haven’t even been able to get back to Edinburgh which I really want to do. With a fair bit of luck NYC may be possible next year and it would be great to see you guys out there.

    Birdy – Jen is fun isn’t she? Didn’t know her that well until the latter part of my time in that company we worked in but by the end we’d go out for lunch a lot (both into Japanese) and she’s the only one from there I’m still in touch with. That said, I feel awful as haven’t seen her in ages! :S Both had big ups and downs in life over past few years!

    Vic – yup, you are my most local blogger. And I interviewed at your present employer last autumn! Is a small world. Should sort something even if it’s just coffee and a catch up.

    Sven – me too! Garlic was good wasn’t?! Ah, no worries re: running off. I think your tolerance for booze is higher than mine anyway. After the 1 bottle each mark I tend to go downhill! And who knows, I may, by a huge stroke of luck, get to the Sydney office at some point and then you can show me a night on the tiles!

  5. She’s tiny though, I nearly missed her.

    I’m so glad you had such a nice time.

    And yes, I think a trip to Manchester is in order Mr Milo, plenty of wine bars up here, they don’t all drink whippets and wear flat caps. Or something.

  6. She’s tiny though, I nearly missed her.

    I’m so glad you had such a nice time.

    And yes, I think a trip to Manchester is in order Mr Milo, plenty of wine bars up here, they don’t all drink whippets and wear flat caps. Or something.

  7. PPS did you call him Sven, or that other name he sometimes goes by? I think I’d end up calling him Sven. He’s not a :insert real name here: to me!

  8. Jen – when I come to Manchester I want to go out on Canal Street! šŸ˜› It’s a roasted head of garlic and is DELISH, garlic cloves go really soft and it’s served with warm pitta bread and a hummous type of spread. Really really good. I think I did call him Sven and he did call me Milo (but he knows my real name and I know his real name). My real name isn’t SO far off anyway. Have always liked my pseudonyms, as does Sveny.

  9. So happy you two got to meet up in person! I know what you mean–i’ve met up with several people in person after meeting them on the social nets.

    The only thing that is strange about it is that it *isn’t* strange. Hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it first hand.

    That said, if your travel finds you in Southern California, we must meet up. That goes for you too Mr. Sven!



  10. Sounds like you had a great, if brief, time together.
    If you make it up here I’ll come say hi.
    I went to college next the the village but there were really only 2 pubs there then.

  11. Derek – yeh, I agree with you! Wasn’t strange. Look forward to meeting you one day in SoCal!

    Ryan – sounds good. Look forward to meeting you in Europe next year!

    Daphne – thanks!

    Mancais – yeh, did have a good time. Will be sure to hook up when I’m in the northwest.

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