Letting in the light

When we arrived at the house in France it was all shuttered up. The smell was slightly musty. We threw open the shutters throughout the house and let in the cool mountain breeze. At night, I would close the shutters in the bedroom as it looks onto the market square and can be noisy. The shutters leading out onto the verandah / terrace are full length.

I took a lot of photos in France; 400 or so. The ones below are of French buildings, mostly residential. I love the style and feel of French buildings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course, it’s not just French homes that have shutters. It’s most homes in Continental Europe, even as high up as Scandinavia. I love wooden shutters. So civilized, so traditional. Unfortunately – like so many things I covet about mainland Europe – we don’t have them in the UK.

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  1. I had shutters in one of my flats in Bristol, but they were on the inside. Fantastic for sleeping in on a weekend: once they were closed, that was it. Pitch black for as long as you wanted.

  2. In Germany we had almost industrial metal shutters on rollers. You pulled the cord/pulley from the inside but the metal shutters came down on the outside. They were also excellent for blocking light.
    Love the European architecture. Have loads of similar photos from Italy this summer – as just the facade of the buildings is so so very different. It amazes me – so I loved your set of photos.

  3. There’s something to be said for thawt continental architechture – something that you definitely have trouble finding around here.
    mumof4 – those metal shutters sound a bit like something out of I Am Legend! Ones to keep the zombies out! lol

  4. Some great photos.
    I love shutters too. One of the places where I lived in Portugal had those metal mumof4 style shutters. They were dark green to rone with the green paint on the outside of the building.

  5. Ryan – I hope soon you’ll be able to! Think you’d like it.

    Daphne – yeh that’s spot on. Too mild here which I’ve always not liked. Never gets cold enough OR hot enough!

    Sven – oh that would be nice! I do see houses here with ‘plantation shutters’ which I believe are on the inside which I’ve always thought looked good.

    Birdy – glad you liked them. Yeh, I love traditional French architecture and especially their concept of apartment buildings. Sooo different to here where inner-city apartment buildings are almost always new build.

    Vic – yeh, very rare here!

    Tawandah – thanks!

    Mancais – yeh, I can imagine Portugal would have them too.

    Mike – thanks!

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