Phoenix rising

It was a modern miracle, the scene we thought we would never see. The Labour party rose, not just to applaud Peter Mandelson but to cheer him, to whoop at him, to adore him. Tony Blair famously said that his project would not be complete until the party had learned to love Mandelson…”

Source: Simon Hoggart in The Guardian

I have blogged about Peter Mandelson several times before. I also happened to see him, in person, at the station on Sunday morning, presumably on his way to Brighton for the Labour Party conference (he had an entourage in tow). He is now the most high profile individual in UK politics and by extension – the most high profile gay establishment figure we have. Having been exiled from politics on two prior occasions – it’s difficult not to be impressed by his meteoric rise to the top this time. He’s not the PM, but no one is in any doubt as to who wields the real power and influence, and it is him, rather than Gordon Brown.

I am not a New Labour supporter but Mandelson has – to me – a degree of authenticity which I connect with, even if not to the party itself (as I rate almost no one in the Labour party – they’re all self-serving untrustworthy so and sos).

The article on him in The Guardian is interesting.

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