Gotham City

(image via jonblock)

Rain all day in London. Dark, slate grey skies. A tedious journey in due to problems on the track.

A longish day at work.

And then it’s home time. Traipsing through large puddles. Cold, driving rain. Harder than this morning. It’s not long until I’m soaked.

People huddling under umbrellas, scurrying heads-down along London’s winding streets. Disappearing into the tube. Damp floors. Dripping umbrellas.

London. In the darker months, when it rains, when it’s dark, I’m reminded of Gotham City.

3 thoughts on “Gotham City

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  1. It was so miserable yesterday. I got the bus down to Monument in the vening and the condensation dripping off of everything was unbearable. The district line wasn’t much better, but at least it was a little drier. I’m glad the coat I’ve got is very waterproof otherwise in the few minutes I waited for the husband at the other side, I’d have gotten soaked!

  2. Vic – yeh, was awful, soooooooo wet. Very wet feet by the time I got home and the lower half of my jeans were soaked.

    Mancais – nationwide!

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