True Blood

I really enjoyed True Blood which premièred on Channel 4 this evening. From the director of Six Feet Under – this is just the type of US import that I’m predisposed to enjoy – like Mad Men, Sopranos or Damages. It’s adult drama – not for the masses (unlike Flash Forward, which is). It’s full of filthy language (much of it in southern drawl), illicit sex and also violence. It’s gritty, colourful and above all – absorbing. And it reminded me of our own home-grown vampire drama, Being Human, made by the BBC last year – which I enjoyed.

True Blood is much better and has far more appeal than the dumbed-down, cliché-ridden Flash Forward which has also just started on UK tv, of which I’ve seen the first two episodes. That had wooden, stereotyped and politically correct characters that just feel really bland and anodyne – especially compared with this. Sure – the plot and premise are good – but the acting isn’t.

I’m now really looking forward to the next episode. If you didn’t catch it – it’s set in the present-day Deep South – vampires live alongside humans. It’s the kind of thing that’s not quite so easy to describe; you have to watch it. More on HBO’s site.

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  1. Sure it is more daring because it is an HBO production – as that is a ‘premium channel’ and you pay extra for it here, they are way more gutsy in what they option program-wise.
    Fast forward is, I believe on NBC which is a far more mainstream audience….not sure how it is going to fair in the ratings after the hype of it’s first few episodes though…..quite often a lot of new shows like that have ratings drop that the networks pull the series before it even finishes…..

  2. Birdy – ah, that explains it. I don’t know much about HBO. Yeh, sounds like HBO is premium compared with NBC. It certainly seemed very slick and high end.

    Sookie – you have a new nickname now it seems!

    Richard – you ought to, definitely recommend it.

    Mancais – shame you missed it!

  3. Season 1 was better than Season 2…. BUT season 2 featured a lot more of my BF, Alexander Skarsgard… so I’m not sure which season I enjoyed more… lol.
    Hope you continue to enjoy the show!

  4. I’m not sure if I’d be into it … I have grown to hate jumping out of my skin at stuff. I used to love horror and scary stuff and I just don’t anymore…

    *whispers* … I quite liked the first two episodes of Flash Forward… *sneaks off*

  5. Hen – glad you liked it, I’m enjoying it a lot – only seen 1 episode so far mind you!

    Enrico – that’s so often the way. Damages series 1 was amazing but series 2 was quite a let down.

    MrsBN – I’m still watching it. I like the premise just not the acting so much – felt the characters are too wooden. Still entertaining though!

  6. The main issue I have with it is Joseph F’s American accent. I wish they would just cast people with the accent they want rather than let me listen to someone trying to have one they don’t.

    Like House. Just irritates me… and yes I do agree with the acting… maybe they’ll settle into it??

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