Call me Mr Vain

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ve gained 14 lbs in the last year. I need to lose it. Not yet sure how. Re-joining a gym would be a start…

Watch this space.

5 thoughts on “Call me Mr Vain

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  1. 14 lbs isn’t SO bad. You were probably too skinny anyway!

    I am finally at 179 lbs myself (I am 6′ tall). At my heaviest, about four years ago, I was 195. If I can get to and stay in the mid-170 range, I’ll be happy with that.

  2. Mancais – thanks, I’ll need it!

    Daphne – hmmm. If I join a gym I’m hoping I can. I hate dieting so couldn’t do it that way.

    Vic – good idea, though I’ve failed already! (Is Monday night and I’ve been to the wine bar with work and now drinking pastis back at home).

    Ryan – I admit I was too skinny. 179 lbs sounds like a decent weight for 6ft tall.

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