Holiday food

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Enjoyed good food in France on holiday last month, unsurprisingly.

The supermarkets are great, as are the markets. And oh how I love the boulangeries!

It was like a self-catering holiday which was great, and something I’m not used to. We took turns to cook each evening. I did moules marinieres one evening and a beef in Guinness casserole another day. Friends made: risotto, a ratatouille and roast pork on other nights.

Because we were in the Catalan region, there is a strong Spanish influence. Had lovely paella for lunch on the day we flew out.

5 thoughts on “Holiday food

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  1. Birdy – yeh, loved it! Was so nice to eat well.

    Hen – it was lamb chops and chips (Sheridan’s)!!! 😛

    Mancais – that is a galette, which is a savoury crepe. V nice. It’s a BIT like a omlette, lots of cheese, egge, ham, etc. Was delicious.

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