State of Play

I watched State of Play last night (the 2009 Hollywood movie, rather than the made-for-television BBC miniseries of 2003).

It was good and is worth watching. I am a big fan of the original BBC version (which is 6 hours over 6 episodes, unlike the Hollywood movie which is just 2 hours). The Hollywood version isn’t quite as gripping as the BBC version but it’s still very good. I was impressed by how they’d brought it up to date – referencing Afghanistan, Iraq, blogging, etc.

The storyline focuses on a Congressman in Washington (an MP in Whitehall in the BBC version) whose young female researcher dies in an underground accident. They’d been having an affair. A number of other people get killed early on and you realise it’s the military industrial complex and their power over government that’s at the heart of the story. The other protagonist is the journalist who uncovers the story – who is himself a university friend of the politician.

The BBC version, at 6 hours, is more complex and more detailed, as you might imagine. However, the Hollywood version at 2 hours is a good compromise.

The Hollywood version is great because the military industrial complex in question focuses on PointCorp which is fairly obviously based on Blackwater, the controversial US private military firm that has a very tainted track record for its operations in Iraq (where they no longer have a license to operate). It felt very believable in light of that and the significant power of lobby groups with huge financial backers should never be underestimated, I don’t think.

Whilst the movie version is very good – if you want to settle down to 6 hours of very high quality drama, I’ve noticed that the BBC version can be had for just £3.98 on which is very good value.

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  1. Hubby watched this last night again having seen it in the cinema when it came out.
    I saw the BBC version a while back and loved it but thought it was quite complicated. So I look forward to my 2 hours with Ben Affleck and a DVD …..

    1. No, thank YOU! 😀

      Do you think it looks odd having text in header where it is? Should I start The… from left hand side, and maybe move strap line and the ‘home’ bit to the right? xx

  2. LOL at the last comment, that was meant to be a reply to Hen by email and I accidentally replied to Birdy’s comment (showed up in my email!) and it auto-turned it into a reply comment directly on to the blog. Too efficient for its own good!!

    1. LOL that happened to me on my old blog. Must be a new “feature” of WP!

      In answer to your question, experiment as you see fit – just send me the files and I’ll upload them for you to look at. xx

  3. SB – you will enjoy it I think.

    Birdy – it is complicated but compelling I thought.

    Hen – thanks for doing all the work on the blog – love the new look!

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