Vignettes – 14/10/09

The usual journey into work. Train and tube. 50 or so minutes on a good day (longer than you might expect from zone 3, but that’s London for you).

On the tube, the man on my left is transfixed by solitaire which he plays on his Blackberry. The woman on my right is lost in Stylist, the new (free) lifestyle magazine for women that’s distributed around London. The young suited guy – standing and somewhat leaning over me – is reading Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

By the time I’m moving on to the Piccadilly line it’s the usual crowd. Smartly dressed air stewards and stewardesses are disembarking (this is the tube line that links Heathrow with central London). As ever, lots and lots of foreigners on this particular tube line, laden down with luggage.

The queue at Starbucks too long so I head straight into the office. I come out later for coffee as I’m not so fond of filter coffee.

Work busy. An offsite (internal) meeting at Soho House. Also, the guy who got me the job (for which there were no other candidates, the prophecy of What Colour is Your Parachute finally having come true…) is over from Asia. We catch up and I fill him in on London office tittle-tattle.

I work ’til 7.15pm then leave to meet friends for dinner at my favourite Chinese off Leicester Square. You really need to know where you’re going in this part of town as it’s so touristy. Thankfully I do as I’ve been going to the same place for years. Food lovely – as ever. Totally full. Catching up with close friends. Sheridan arriving late (the downside of working OHMSS).

Short bus journey followed by short train journey and then home. After white wine earlier, it’s time to make the natural progression on to my old favourite – the French drink Ricard Pastis.

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  1. Josh – 2 of the friends had the set menu. I don’t eat poultry so I never go for this as it has shredded duck with pancakes for one course and then chicken something as another. They rave about how good it is – and it sure looks good. But I am OCD about free-range food and duck and chicken in Chinese restaurants is very unlikely to be free-range…

    So me and another guy (vegetarian) shared sesame prawn toast (mmmmmmmmmmmmm!) and vegetarian spring rolls for starter. Then we shared the most delicious fried squid in salt & chilli – really crispy and delicious. We also had deep-fried prawns in batter (beautifully crisp and big and crunchy), also rice and bok choi. Very very good.

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