Sobriety test

Sobriety test, Los Angeles, 1950s

Funny how they used to do such things.

I had a work party on Friday night and got v.tipsy. Started on Peroni beer, then moved to ‘gin & lemonade’ (heretical, I know!). Caught the last train, getting me home sometime after midnight. Then moved on to pastis (rather stupidly).

Regrettably, I felt pretty rough for the first half of Saturday. Am in dire need of going to the barber but didn’t go as couldn’t quite get out of bed.

Felt OK by the afternoon, but even so. Bit of a write-off. Went to S’s for dinner and stuck to water. Will do similar today. Having a quiet Sunday, though need to do housework *shudder*.

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  1. Some days I would give money to be able to drink like that again. These days it’s two glasses of white tops. And office drinks are notorious… Hope you feel well enough today. And go get a haircut!!!

  2. Lula – I don’t think I’m a heavy drinker really. I just drink quite often (maybe 4-5 days a week). Very rare that I get ‘drunk’ though. Haven’t had the hair cut yet – it gets even longer! This week or this weekend though.

    Mancais – yeh, is once in a while! I’m more of a social drinker.

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