Open leg rocker

Pilates can be up and down. Some weeks I find it really hard and I long for the end. Other times I get a kick out of it.

Tonight wasn’t too bad. I seemed a bit more supple than usual and had more stamina. I’m also – as you’d rather hope after almost a year of going – noticeably better than when I started. The moves do get more streamlined over time.

Take, for example, open leg rocker (pictured above). I found this really difficult when I first started nearly a year ago. You sit upright on the mat, legs up and out – straight in a high V shape, holding your ankles / shins. You rock back doing a semi-backward roll – then get yourself back into upright in a smooth action. I can do it quite smoothly now and hold form without wobbling or toppling.

My goal is still to supplement pilates (which we get free at work) by re-joining a gym. I want to get back on track by running and doing other cardio and free weights again. Hopefully soon.

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  1. I thought “open leg rocker” was a description of some slightly naughty rock star. ‘Tis clear that a) I know little about pilates and b) I have a smutty mind.

    1. No offence to any German readers (if I have any!) but this pic was, I seem to recall, from a German website… hence the somewhat ‘rather serious Germanic man’ look.

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