It’s coming: Spooks Series 8

spooks series 8

The brand new 8th series premiers this Wednesday at 9pm GMT on BBC1. It’s fair to say that Spooks is one of my most favourite TV series and certainly one of the very best things that the BBC airs each year.

From the BBC press office:

Award-winning drama Spooks is back in production, for a fantastic, high octane eighth series and is set to return to BBC One this autumn.

Following the dramatic climax of series seven, viewers will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to find out which of the country’s finest spies will return to their screens in the Kudos Film and Television production.

The critically-acclaimed last series saw the appointment of ice cold Ros Myers (Hermione Norris) to Head of Section D and the release of Lucas North (Richard Armitage) after eight years in a Russian prison.

Harry Pearce’s (Peter Firth) elite team of spies were forced to quickly adapt to their new dynamic following the death of Adam Carter, but there was no time to mourn their colleague as the Russians descended on London and a mole within Section D was discovered.

In the explosive finale of the series, old school spy Connie James was exposed as the Russian’s insider and, in a race to save London from a nuclear explosion, she paid the ultimate price for betrayal, sacrificing herself to save Ros and Lucas.

Although London was saved from disaster, it’s not over for Section D as Harry is missing in action following a meet with the Russian intelligence services, the FSB, and was last seen being bundled into the boot of a car…

Source: BBC

Preview from Radio Times:

British television isn’t much cop at straight-down-the-line thrillers; writers and producers get bogged down in characterisation and delivering right-on messages and lose sight of the fact that thrillers should be – yes – thrilling. Which brings us to Spooks. Those in the know are sniffy about it, claiming it’s nothing like MI5. I should hope not; it’s torrid, preposterous and frequently ridiculously overheated. And I love it to pieces, because Spooks is a rarity: a genuinely exciting, madly engaging drama that grabs you by the wrists and simply won’t let go. At the end of the last series it looked as if the game was up for spy boss Harry (the splendid Peter Firth) after he was kidnapped by a rogue band of utter rotters. As we start a new series, things still look bleak – and they get bleaker still when a familiar face arrives back on the Grid and lives are in danger. I’m being deliberately coy here, but there are simply too many surprises. It’s best just to buckle up and prepare yourselves for a trademark dizzying Spooks funfair ride as stern people in black stride down corridors and no one trusts anyone else. Part two is on BBC3 at 9:00pm on Friday.

Source: Radio Times


5 thoughts on “It’s coming: Spooks Series 8

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  1. I keep buying DVDs of Spooks in an attempt to get The Special One into it, but I’m not making much progress. I think it’s because it’s probably put together with a budget roughly equivalent to three seconds worth of CSI…!

  2. Dylan – long time no see! Hope fatherhood is treating you right! Hmm, it may have a small-ish budget to CSI (never watched it though heard a lot about it) but I don’t think it looks ‘cheap’, to be fair! 😛

    Mancais – I got into late too, about 2 series ago.

  3. i have bought all series from 1-7 and am eagerly awaiting series 8, whatever budget they are given i think they do their best in giving us the best value for money,so well done, keep it up.

  4. Ken – yes, it is good. Series 8 got a lot better. I wasn’t that keen on the first couple of episodes. That said, overall, I think I definitely preferred series 7. Seemed more coherent as 8 could be all over the place I found.

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