A touch of frost

We’re now in autumn and around the corner is the bleak midwinter that comes with living in northern Europe. The temperature has dropped considerably over the past week or so. It’s now in single figures, even during the day.

The tube no longer feels hot and stuffy. Instead, it has that warm, soporific feel that isn’t altogether unpleasant on a cold day.

The frost arrived this morning. The first of the season.

9 thoughts on “A touch of frost

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  1. Isn’t altogether unpleasant. You’re definitely not travelling on the Northern line. I’m still getting on the train and peeling off all the layers!

  2. Sven – I remember how much you love the British winter!

    UV – awww! Well, if it’s anything like last year, snow may well come!

    Vic – nope, not Northern line. I use 3 others though (2 in morning, 1 in evening; I take a different route home). I imagine being pregnant makes it all feel hotter, too!

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