Things I want for Christmas

A food processor. I have a ‘mini’ food processor, great for small, jobs, but for the (same) dishes I always make, I actually need something bigger.

I want a 32″ flatscreen TV that is 1080p / HD. My current TV is 7 years old (it’s one of those ‘old fashioned’ ones). I’m a late adopter to flatscreen TVs but now that I have a PS3 (which is also a blu-ray player), I finally want to make the jump. This will be my present to myself, probably in January. They’re actually not very expensive these days.

I want 2001: A Space Odyssey on blu-ray. This is about £9.95 at Amazon so not bad. I might also like Mad Men seasons 1 & 2. I’d also like Ashes to Ashes season 1 but this isn’t being produced on blu-ray I don’t think, so may have to make do with dvd.

I need new clothes. It’s true. My workplace is unusual. I no longer have to wear a suit (and I have quite a few really good ones). In my job I can and should wear ‘smart-trendy casual’ as opposed to ‘street trendy’ casual. So stonewashed jeans and trendy trainers aren’t appropriate. But it could be knitwear, shirts with unusual patterns (i.e. not too corporate), cords, non-corporate shoes, etc. I love very high quality winter coats, preferably with high collars, in darkest navy. I have one like this from Reiss but it’s a couple of years old and I want another. So I can see me buying some new clothes in January.

I want alcohol. Good quality red wine, Hendrick’s gin, prosecco, champagne, Guinness. I’m really not that fussy. It will be drunk and enjoyed so it’s a very good choice.

I also want good quality food. Chocolates, cheeses, jams and preserves, pasta, luxury biscuits. Things that I can open a bit later on. Anything from Fortnum’s will go down well.

Books are good. I’m still going through a 1930s and Art Deco phase and there are some history books about this period I would like. Andrew Marr’s The Making of Modern Britain: From Queen Victoria to V.E. Day, to accompany the BBC documentary series, would also go down well. I have the previous book.

I can’t think of too much else I want. I’m not, actually, much of a conspicuous consumpter.

What do you want this Christmas?

8 thoughts on “Things I want for Christmas

Add yours

  1. Plenty of alcohol: gin, the ingredients for margaritas, wine (red and white, including cava), baileys to have in my coffee. Delicious foods like cheeses, proper chocolate, parma ham, mozarella cheese, lovely biscuits from M&S, different breads. A large box of Ferrero Rocher. A selection of bath stuff from Lush. And finally, my precious dog to have another healthy year with me.

    Sensual? Me? Laughing!

  2. I don’t think we should encourage you by buying you booze!
    I’d like a pair of black knitted uggs but am struggling with justifying the expense.

  3. SH – ah, we have similar tastes!

    Josh – eh?

    Vic – booze is the thing that keeps me sane I increasingly think! Can’t imagine life without it.

  4. Honestly, this year, just for one day I want to be back in England. Jus to wake up on Christmas Day and be there and then wake up again on Boxing Day and be in Australia again. I miss my family quite a lot this year. It’s my first one without any of them at all.

  5. Sven – that’s understandable. I often moan about going back to family at Christmas but have never not done it and can imagine it would be unsettling not to.

    Mancais – I haven’t had port for ages!

    Mike – ah, I wouldn’t mind a new car either! Mine doesn’t even have central locking or power steering!

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