Fingerless gloves

I’ve seen a few people wearing fingerless gloves this season. It is bitterly cold at the moment – at or below freezing – so most people are bedecked in scarves, gloves, hats and winter boots. I don’t have a hat but I’m wearing that thick padded/quilted jacket I bought a year or so ago. It’s very warm and has a hood. It was snowing on the way to the station this morning so the hood was up. Not really ‘work attire’ but that’s fine.

I still don’t have the kind of warm winter boots I would like, instead I’m wearing hiking boots (the ones bought for Snowdonia earlier this year). They do the job but they’re rather clunky. I wish UGGS did boots for men.

So back to fingerless gloves. They’re sooo 80s. I have a thing about the 1980s. A kind of obsession, of sorts. Not because it was a ‘great decade’. For very many reasons it wasn’t. But it was hugely formative decade for me in so many ways. I have vivid memories. Something about the Zeitgeist of that decade I can’t ever forget. I’m hot-wired to remember it. Of course, fingerless gloves possibly didn’t originate in the 80s, but I associate them with that decade.

So I have a thing about fingerless gloves, the attraction to which I can’t quite nail. Mostly rooted in my 80s obsession, but it’s also perhaps a fetish of sorts.

When I think of fingerless gloves I think of:

  • Boy George
  • mobile soup kitchens
  • New York
  • fetishists
  • the homeless
  • building snowmen
  • school
  • holding soup or a hot drink outside.

Anyway, I’m wearing big, black, boring Thinsulate woollen gloves that someone gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I’m going to try and buy some fingerless ones at lunchtime. Want to reminisce.

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  1. I tried using fingerless ones yesterday… worst decision EVER… my fingers nearly froze and fell!!
    this morning I went out using big black insulated ones…much better… 🙂

  2. I can’t attach a photo but I have electric blue leather gloves with an opening for the top of my hand – a little like the ones in your photo. They’re driver’s gloves, I guess, but I like them.

  3. I LOVE DEEZ KINDA GLOVEZ! I wanted a pair so bad, but didn’t have the expenses to buy them…so I bought some cheapo workman’s glovez from target and snipped off day fingaz! Yay!

  4. I don’t really covet them, since I already have a pair, but I do love love love them. They’re just so practical! And every man and his dog wears Uggs down here in the winter. I can’t decide if I love them or hate them.

  5. I’m not keen on fingerless gloves. I love some of the designs around this year (my colleague has some that are sort of like mittens with the top cut off – not even little finger bits but they come to the first knuckle). But my fingers are always so cold in them. I have black leather fleecy lined gloves but that’s only because I wear them when I’m driving in the winter and fabric ones don’t grip the steering wheel.

    I was out on my Christmas do last night (as you know!!!) in Wilmslow, home of the Cheshire Set, and nearly EVERY man this morning had Muggs on.

  6. UV – I haven’t had any since I was a kid!

    Lula – oh, like the sound of those, very Ashes to Ashes (80s) which is my thing!

    Vic – 😦

    Josh – they are here, £1 – £2.

    Mancais – I guess they’re meant to give you more dexterity but not ideal if your fingertips freeze!

    Birdy – WANT! Especially with this awful weather continuing.

    Sven – hopefully UGGS are a better price there than here. Can’t seem to be had for less than £150 here. Really want fingerless gloves now! Just not had a chance to shop yet :/

    Hen – love leather gloves. I have an old pair (John Lewis I think) that I still really like. Very warm. The wrist bit isn’t quite long enough though; need some more; AFTER I’ve bought the fingerless ones 😛

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