You are what you eat

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Well – I certainly feel I am what I eat.

My diet has nose-dived over the past 6 months. This is a combination of working longer hours, living on my own, getting lunch paid for at work, having snacks and other not-so-healthy things provided at the office, drinking more, etc.

It’ll be a case of ‘all change’ come January 1st, however. I’ll firm-up my New Year’s resolutions before the year is out, but at the very least they will include a drastic reduction in alcohol consumption and a radical overhaul of my diet. My insatiable appetite for bread, cheeses, crisps, crackers, M&S chocolate and other snack food will be unflinchingly addressed.

Once upon a time, you see, I was one of those tiresome gym bunnies and health-food bores, waxing lyrical about ultra-low-fat probiotic yoghurt, of freshly juiced apple and carrot and of what brand of running shoe to wear. I went to the gym every weekend, usually quite early in the morning. And that was in addition to the 2x after work I’d go during the week. How much has changed…

So in 10 days time I will begin atoning for the twin sins of gluttony and sloth with a fervour that will, I hope, border on the messianic.

4 thoughts on “You are what you eat

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  1. Once uppon a time I used to take really good care of myself… somewhere within the past 5 years or so that all went downhill…
    I’ve NEVER been so fat… and I was a chubby kid at some point…
    Now I am nearly 30 and I’ve realized I HAVE to make some drastic changes too… so looks like you’re not the only one to apply drastic measures from january the 1st… đŸ™‚

  2. UV – you and me both! Is hard to make the lifestyle changes required but is hugely rewarding when you see the fruits of your labours. I’m fairly confident I can do it again. See it as a personal challenge.

  3. Enjoy the blowout for the next week – it’s tough getting back to eating properly/exercising but you know it’ll be worth it. Now all we need to do is convince UV that he needs to do more than say the words.

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