Things I want to buy in the January sales

  1. A 32″ widescreen LCD TV for the living room. Done, bought yesterday from Currys. V happy with it.
  2. Clothes, mainly for work. Chunky knitwear perhaps (I say this every year). Jaeger have some decent looking things and I love their stuff.
  3. Blu-ray movies including: Blade Runner and The Shining to add to my emerging blu-ray collection (which currently consists only of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Mad Men Seasons 1 & 2. Have not actually watched a blu-ray movie yet as I’m waiting for the HDMI cables to come (cheap, from Amazon); using SCART leads until then and these don’t deliver the full high quality true digital picture.
  4. A Dyson vacuum cleaner. I’m after one of those smaller ones like the Comet which cost around £150. I hear mixed reviews about Dysons but the current vacuum cleaner I have is on its last legs and needs replacing.
  5. Aftershave. My Kiton Black is finished and I’m in need of replacements. Really not sure what to go for this time round but love the men’s fragrance counter at John Lewis so can see myself splurging. Tempted by Prada’s Infusion d’Homme. If any one else has recommendations, let me know.
  6. L’Occitane toiletries. Since having used them recently – specifically L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner – I’ve decided I really like the range. Move over Head & Shoulders (which I’ve been using for what feels like forever). Never been into a L’Occitane shop so I’ll see what they have.
  7. A Siberian goose down duvet. This is more in the aspirational bracket as it costs £370. People I know who own duvets such as this (and similar) rave about them. That said, I’ll probably wait until I finally have a king size bed and then get one.
  8. A new (compact) digital camera. I currently have a £70 (or thereabouts) Casio compact cam. It’s OK, but its one big downside is that it doesn’t do wide-angle very well. And I love wide-angle. If money were no object I’d like the Panasonic GF1 (it has the sensor of an SLR in the body of a compact) but as I can’t really justify the £500 or so price tag, the Panasonic Lumix TZ6 or (more expensive with HD video) TZ7 would be top of my list. These have consistently won best camera in this price and grouping.
  9. For books I want AS Byatt’s Possession (having seen the Culture Show interview of her a few weeks ago), The Making of Modern Britain from Queen Victoria to VE Day by Andrew Marr as well as numerous other books.
  10. A new work bag. I did buy one several months ago from M&S and it’s OK but I’ve decided that it is, actually, too small.

8 thoughts on “Things I want to buy in the January sales

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  1. I can’t believe you recognize the importance of having a (Director’s Cut) copy of Blade Runner. I was thinking of getting a Blu Ray but I rather resent the need to re-purchase all the films I currently have on DVD. I got the 34″ Toshiba TV btw ..and absolutely love it for movies…with the Bose sound it is almost better than being in the cinema.

  2. Oh…I was going to suggest colognes that I wear and love but my tastes are seriously stuck in a time warp. Still..Hermes Bel Ami ( if you can find it) and Givenchy Insense Ultramarine ( cheap now but women seem to love it…no comments please.)

  3. Lula – I bought the Dyson and used it for the first time yesterday. Was really good, great suction!

    Vern – I don’t blame you not wanting to have to re-buy everything on blu-ray. I’ve still not watched a blu-ray movie (HDMI cables not yet arrived) but am looking forward to it.

    I ended up buying D&G 1 “Le Bateluers” which is lovely. Very floral. Thanks for your recommendations, the Hermes smelled great too!

    Vic – hey, I’m not that much of a TV hog (am I?! Maybe I am!). I’m really pleased with the 32″. Perfect fit for the living room and on the eyes; doesn’t dominate. Is almost twice the size of my old CRT TV and brilliant picture quality, v.happy.

  4. I bought a Dyson when I moved here and I hate using it as it feels so heavy. It isn’t great at the edges either.
    For your L’Occitane try QVC – my Mum told me about it. Ordered a daily special once but it hurt my skin. If you know your prices then it’s possible to pick up bargains.

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