New Year’s Day in London

An enjoyable New Year’s Eve party last night at which I stayed over. Close friends who live not too far. There were 7 of us and the hosts laid on a 4-course meal. By the end of the evening we’d consumed 5 bottles of champagne/fizz and 5 bottles of wine. Not actually that much considering we kicked off around 7.45pm and didn’t go to bed until about 2.30am.

The food was lovely. Started with soup, then a fish pie and a steak pie. Chocolate puddings for dessert then a cheese board.

I woke in the early hours with quite bad acid indigestion which I’m firmly blaming on the champagne, prosecco and brut bottles that were drunk. Much as I love the stuff, if I drink too much it seems to keep fizzing in my stomach.

We got up around 10am and the hosts laid on a full English breakfast which was exactly what the doctor ordered. Scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, potato cakes, hash browns and baked beans.

S and I left around noon and headed on to Greenwich for a walk. A stunningly bright, sunny beautiful day though bitterly cold and I didn’t really have a warm enough coat though did have a scarf. We went to the Queen’s House (as it’s called), also the Painted Hall and up to the Royal Observatory which gives great views over (eastern) central London. A lot of people were out and about.

Hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve and here’s hoping we all have a good 2010!!!

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  1. I was in Greenwich last winter for a day to see one of our actors in a play at the theatre. I rather liked Greenwich – it had a rather villagey feel to it and I often feel swamped in London so liked that. Lovely photos and I like the blue skies too – we didn’t have those today in Leeds.

  2. HNY to you too, Milo. From what you’ve said, 2010 could be an interesting year for you. Can’t wait to read about it as it happens !

    Glad you had such a good time last night.

  3. Daphne – yeh, I’ve always liked Greenwich. Not so very far from central London really but very much its own place, and like you say, is villagey.

    SB – thank you, and to you! It had better be interesting and full of change. Touch wood, it’s coming.

    Mancais – weather was stunning though vvvvvvv cold.

    UV – you too, hope 2010 is a good year for us all!

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