The Year Zero Blog Awards 2009

2009 was a good year to be a reader of blogs. I’ve certainly enjoyed what I’ve read from my blogroll (right hand column on this blog). You get to know a lot about people through blogging – an awful lot. You share the highs, the lows, the in-betweens.

I thought I’d acknowledge some of the great bloggers whose words I’ve read this year. Without further ado:


Category: Best Blog of 2009

Winner: Daphne at My Dad’s a Communist

Daphne’s blog is a rare find. Don’t go there looking for whizz bangs, her blog is one of the plainest around (as she herself would readily admit). But do go there looking for blog entry gems. At times intensely humorous (her anecdotes of ‘Barbara’, her hairdresser, have her regulars in stitches), occasionally darkly melancholy (for good reason), always insightful, always interesting and absolutely always well written. She has a wry wit, a very dry sense of humour and is a natural born storyteller (ergo, she’s a natural born blogger).

She also has an ability to create stories from fragments of the past – something that resonates deeply with me also.

Very highly recommended and well deserved winner (and I see she’s won another award recently too).



Category: Best Gay Blog

Winner: Sven at Sven’s Guide to Oz

This much coveted award was not short on competition as I follow a number of gay bloggers. I should state, however, that though this category is called ‘best gay blog’ it doesn’t actually mean it’s a single issue award. It acknowledges an all round great blog written from someone who happens to be gay.

Sven blogs with considerable candour and is by nature a highly expressive sort (that’ll be his ENFP personality profile, the same as me!). He writes without sentimentality on the highs and lows of life.

I also really enjoyed meeting him properly in London a few months ago.

Honourable mentions also go out to:

Mike at

Vern at Globewriter

Paul at Yarraville Paul

Great writing from Mike, Vern and Paul. None are quite as prolific with their writing as they once were, but I guess blogging is like that.

Category: Best Food Blog

Winner: Lula at Lula bites

Food and drink are very close to my heart as any one who reads this blog will know.

What can I say? Lula’s writing makes us all hungry. And she’s like Nigella (in more ways than one!).

A mom, a homemaker, a self-employed professional (she’s multilingual), she has a fondness for the finer things in life – especially where food, drink and the arts are concerned.

And I was able to meet Lula earlier this year when she was in London which was good fun.



Category: Best Photo Blog

Winner: Ryan at

Certainly one of the artiest blogs I read. Hosted on tumblr (a platform I love), Ryan’s blog is magazine-like which you’ll enjoy reading. A real mixed media blog but a lot of his own film photography.

His is the only blog that is ‘comment-less’ (doesn’t support comments) but I know and understand his reasons. Wishing he wasn’t quite so far away (Vancouver) as I’d like to go camera shooting with him.





Category: Best Music Blog

Joint winners: Josh at Josh is Trashy and Enrico at Hotel Tuesday.

These guys are BFFs (best friends forever) and they write a lot about music. As I’m pretty far behind the curve when it comes to modern music, they’re an insightful read which I appreciate.

Though I’m fond of their blogs I’m also fond of their furry friends. Enrico has a hamster called Richard Parker who makes guest appearances on the blog (and has designed a fashion collection). Josh has pussy cats who rule the roost.

Both are good fun and blog and write about a whole load of things.




Category: Best Expat Blog

Joint winners: Dylan at A Brit Out of Water and Birdy at Mumof4

I follow a lot of expat blogs so this was a bit of a close call. Dylan writes as ‘an Englishman in New York’ (no, he’s nothing like Quentin Crisp), and it’s an engaging, interesting read (especially since fatherhood!)

Birdy has lived all over the US and writes about bringing up 4 children in North America. As she herself would admit, there are elements of Mad Men, Desperate Housewives and goodness knows what else, but following the highs and lows of daily life is a keen read.




Category: Funniest Blog

Winner: Ian (aka Silverback) at Retirement Rocks

If a blog can get me to laugh out loud then I know it’s worth coming back to. Ian spends half the year in the the UK and the other half (our winter) in the US. Reading his Walmart stories always make me laugh, as do his anecdotes on life in the retirement park in Florida.

Like the best bloggers, his stories, often of the past – can be as moving and emotional as they are uplifting.





Category: Best Reviews Blog

Winner: Craig at Puntabulous

Craig goes to the movies and reviews them so you don’t have to. He does the same with TV series. Of all the blogs I read, Craig’s probably has the widest following (very large number of readers).

And don’t pigeon-hole him for reviews, either. He does a great sketch sideline titled ‘Super Viagra – the adventures of Super Vagina’. Really funny stuff that I never fail to enjoy reading!





Category: Best Mommy Blogger

Winner: Vic at Glowstars

This is a bit like the gay category insofar as it’s not about a single issue blog, but it’s highlighting a type of blogger. Vic has written about the trials and tribulations of bringing up children in London. She’s also about to have her second child (any day now!). In addition, she’s a keen writer and vampire genre aficionado (and I probably have her to blame for getting me into True Blood).

I enjoyed meeting up with Vic in person a few months ago.

Honourable mention: MrsBN at Little Nut Tree Blog




Category: Best Return Blogger

Winner: Hen at Suburbanmum

This category is for the ‘return blogger’ who has previously quit blogging, only to return phoenix-like from the digital ashes to restart.

Hen always had a big following in her early blogging days and she still has a lot of readers. She’s a ‘wears her heart on her sleeve’ blogger who has always written an engaging and interesting blog.

Trivia: Hen and I worked together in the early 00s and I got her into blogging in 2003. She’s also provided me with a lot of support with my blog over the years (coding, widgets, etc).





Category: Best New Blog

Winner: Mancais

It’s not that common for people to start blogging. Some prefer to forever comment rather than write their own. So well done to Mancais who moved from being a long time lurker and then commenter to someone who now writes their own blog.

Honourable mentions:

Fliss at Forty & Flirty

SC at No Ladle




Well done to all the winners and those with honourable mentions. Feel free to post the badge on your own blog if you like (pointing back to this post) but I don’t expect you to! πŸ˜€

And most importantly – keep blogging!

19 thoughts on “The Year Zero Blog Awards 2009

Add yours

  1. I am so honoured that you like my blog. And yours is still one of the few blogs that sits in my reader bar in my browser. πŸ˜‰ As for foodie, you’re quite good yourself at describing food when you’re not chomping on crisps πŸ˜‰

  2. I was actually rather gobsmacked (as they say Up North) because I think that you read some really good blogs and have been enjoying them too, having got the links from you. So I’m really grateful and absolutely delighted – thank you!

  3. Ok that’s it. That Daphne woman is on my hit list in 2010.

    Thanks for the award, Milo. My sideboard, if I had one, would be groaning with this 2nd one in a week.

    I may have to go out and buy one now.

  4. I’d just like to thank… blub blub cry sniff…
    Of course Hen as best return blogger is just fab – most returns in the space of a year I’ve ever seen! lol

  5. Hen – welcome!

    Lula – yup, I do seem to spend a lot of time describing food (and drink, probably because I consume so much of both, haha!)

    Daphne – was very well deserved, keep it up!

    SB – welcome, keep those posts coming!

    Ryan – welcome!

    Sven – deal! Would be great to get to Oz. Like I mentioned, not totally impossible through work… will see what this year brings! Look forward to catching up.

    Birdy – what is your favourite chocolate? I seem to be one of the few people that isn’t a huge Cadbury fan. LOVE M&S Swiss chocolate though, can eat loads of it.

    Josh – welcome and keep those youtube vids of you singing coming too!

    Vic – yeh, she sure gets around, LOL!

    Craig – not sure what I’d award myself. ‘Staying power’ award probs as this is the longest blog I’ve had (out of 4) since 2003.

    Enrico – most welcome Enrico!

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