Cool Britannia – literally


Source: NASA

In Britain we are experiencing our coldest, snowiest winter for a generation. And our island looks as if it has been sprinkled all over with icing sugar.

9 thoughts on “Cool Britannia – literally

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  1. Love the photo. I expect it cost you quite a bit to hire the helicopter in your lunch break. Yes, it does look beautiful and all that – – but I’ve had enough now. Want it all to melt.

  2. I’m jealous. I would love a really cold day – just one – so I could wrap up warm, play in the snow and have fun. My sister sent me photos of her making a snowman and I was green. That said, I think I’d be like Daphne after a couple of days. Perhaps I am better off in the mid-20s over here after all.

  3. I wouldn’t mind if we’d had a decent amount here, but we’ve had enough to turn the pavements into ice rinks and not enough to actually play with.
    I too am ready for it to disappear now.

  4. That’s promising considering how global warming is such an issue nowadayz! Though I still effing hate the cold/snow/ice/winter/everything between the months of November and March (sans mah birfday)!

  5. UV – yeh was impressive. I see it was in all the newspapers, too.

    Daphne – yes, one had to go rather high up!

    Sven – the novelty does wear off. It feels like we’ve had this weather for absolutely ages now. It’s just gone on and on, with no real let up in sight.

    Justin – yeh, it makes me think of a Victorian winter too!

    Vic – don’t tempt fate! We’ve had a fair amount more since I posted this (with more forecast I think).

    Josh – apparently it’s not connected with global warming (from what I’ve read). There is more dramatic weather as a result of global warming though (like this).

    Enrico – yeh, reminds me of Narnia seeing that pic.

    Mancais – a NASA satellite took it.

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