Gold, frankinsense and myrhh

So I splashed out (if you’ll pardon the pun) on more scent yesterday, this time at L’Occitane. I bought the men’s fragrance Eau des Baux. I can’t easily describe the scent in words. The product description states that it features “head notes of red pepper corn and cardamom essential oil blossoming around a warm heart of Provençal cypress and incense.” It’s exquisite. Sooo rich, so deep. I like it even more than the D&G I bought last week. What do I think of when I wear it? Let me see… it’s the end of a long, hot Provençal summer… I’m dining al fresco, fish, skewered over a BBQ. I’m drinking red wine, poured from a carafe, friends, laughter. OK, you get the picture…

But it’s strange how powerful the sense of smell can be. For me it really is a big deal, yet I have friends with little or no sense of smell in some cases. How things smell, how people smell, is hugely resonant for me.

I also bought Cade Youth Concentrate as I felt like a change from L’Oreal Men’s Expert. So far so good. Very rich but not greasy at all. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my skin since I began making an effort a few years ago. The rare times I don’t now use a face cream my skin feels very dry and taut afterwards.

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