Which style are you?

(via reclarkgable)

Reckon I’m an H.

I’m reminded of some of my male blogging friends on here. For example, the ever lovely Craig from Puntabulous has got to be a B (his nickname is ‘a-dork-able’, after all! :D), Josh Is Trashy practically IS the guy in picture E. Sven has elements of C and Ryan Edward Miller is a D (minus the tats). And G reminds me a little of Mike. Harder (and riskier!) for me to match up my lady blogging friends! 😛

9 thoughts on “Couples

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  1. Ok now I wanna meet Josh if he’s like an E !!

    The models are way too young for me to pick a likeness for myself but if I think of myself when I was their ages, I guess I’d have to be a nerdy B with aspirations to be a H.

    Thus you, Milo, are my H(ero)

  2. The glasses I totally see as well as the pout-smirk [aka mah favo expression]…but the handkerchief?! No way! And my chest is NEVER that exposed!

    1. Don’t think of you as a chav! Just thought I’d seen pictures of you with baseball cap and polo on before, probably from one of your Miami holidays? See it more as a sporty/trendy look.

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